Who We Are

Data Processors is a data-centric research and technology services company focusing on statistical modelling. Established in 1999, Data Processors has since expanded operations to Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne. We have over 210 employees over our three locations, 25 of whom we've employed in the last 12 months.

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We’ve created a guide to clarify our recruitment process. You’ll find out who we’re on the lookout for, our interview process, how we select our new candidates and the way in which they begin.

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Our Culture

We try our hardest to make sure we have a positive work culture. We believe we’ve achieved this but we’re always listening to our employees to find ways to improve. We firmly believe our employees are our greatest asset and we aim to build that in to everything we do.

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There’s always something going on at Data Processors! Catch up with the news from our Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart offices, from new employees to social events to charity drives and important dates ahead - it’s all here!

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