Doyles on the Beach Restaurant at Watsons Bay, an institution on the Sydney dining scene was the venue for the 2015 Christmas Party. Approximately 200 guests were expected.

The weather was fine though with a temperature of 41 degrees it was a little on the warm side, if you live in Dubai that is, so for the rest of us it was just very hot.

A prelude to the party and transport to Doyles was a harbour cruise from Pyrmont. Once on board we were offered champagne, beers and in what I think was a nice touch, terry towelling headbands for those that had a propensity to perspire profusely.

Upon arrival at Doyles it was straight to the bar for more refreshing beverages with an array of delicious food options being served shortly after we had settled in.

Any suggestion the chefs were taking advantage of the sweltering conditions by sticking all of the food out in the sun for 20 minutes to cook is simply incorrect. They only did this with the mushroom risotto and it was for 10 mins max. I watched Masterchef so I know what happens to an overcooked risotto.

M made a speech and announced we had won the record of the year. Huh? Since when are we into music? So is it an ARIA, Grammy? My mistake I am afraid, it is common knowledge my hearing is extremely dodgy, M actually said we had another record year which is a fantastic effort so congrats to all.

A band provided the entertainment with S proving to be king of the dancefloor. He was first up there very early on and set the standard looking like a cross between John Travolta (younger readers just google Saturday Night Fever) and Usher ( older readers he is a contemporary US R&B/hip hop artist). S exerted himself so much that his shoes were shredded and are no longer fit for use. Note: this is an unsubstantiated rumour started by me.

Speaking of shoes, as the night progressed and after standing for hours, sore feet became an issue so shoes were discarded with bare feet on a packed dance floor being the way to go and that was just the guys!

While S and the guests were busy busting moves, a buster of a different kind, this one a southerly, arrived mid-evening delivering strong winds and a welcome drop in temperature.

By 11pm it was time for a return cruise to Pyrmont, so was the night over? Nope. Focus now shifted to the after party at the Watershed Hotel at Darling Harbour, though after 6 hours or so of revelry it was more difficult for some to focus than others.

A healthy turnout lobbed and a good time was had by all with the proceedings finally winding up at about………. I have no idea coz I left at 1am.


Planning for 2016 will begin in the New Year. Possibly an overseas destination. Note: Another unsubstantiated rumour started by me.

Kudos goes to the organising committee for another well organised and very enjoyable Christmas Party.

Best wishes to all DP staff and their families for a safe, happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

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