It was a welcome relief to have a much cooler day for our afternoon of golf at Moore Park Golf Club. Nearly 50 employees threw their hat in the ring to play 10 holes at this beautiful golf course in the middle of Sydney.  We were glad to be there rather than in the peak hour traffic building up outside.

We played Ambrose rules– meaning each team member hit off from the tee and whichever shot was the furthest was where the next shot was hit from.   A great system for those new to golf but some players had golf handicaps below 10 so we made sure that their tee shots weren’t always counted as otherwise the game would have been over too quickly!

There were 13 teams of 3 or 4 and all had a golf cart to drive over the fairways.   The big mystery is – who did that burn out on the green at the 3rd hole?  It looked fresh but we all hoped it wasn’t us!

At the end of 10 holes all teams headed back to the clubhouse for a welcome drink and delicious BBQ.

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