On November 26th 2020, the team from the Hobart office travelled to Kingston to cut some laps at the indoor electric go-kart centre known as Hyperdrive, which utilises a large array of solar panels to charge the electric vehicles. Hyperdrive attempts to create a gamified version of karting, so there is a location on the track that allows you to pick up a power boost, which you can then deploy to supercharge your kart for 10 seconds. The power boost is absolutely required to set a fast lap time, and if you set a lap time under 18.9 seconds, you can upgrade to the paddle shifted super karts.

Hyperdrive also positions itself as a nostalgic 80s style video arcade environment complete with Street Fighter 2 arcade machine. Everyone was extremely competitive and one of the guys was continuously so fast that nobody could beat his lap time! For refreshments between races, they were treated to Coca Cola, party pies and hot dogs, all set to a background of Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, and other 80s classics. They said it felt like being twelve years old again. After completing the final race of the day, they headed to The Salty Dog situated at Kingston Beach for some more food and drinks.

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