On February 6th 2020, 9 team members volunteered at Food Bank Victoria. After a brief introduction about the programs that Foodbank undertake, they were placed into teams to start working.  Their first task for the day was to prepare large orders of various goods that would be collected or delivered to other distributing charities. This involved filling boxes with various foods and beverages, many essential items, and treats were also available to pack too.

The afternoon job involved them sorting through food supplies of soup, bread and vegetables to ensure the food was still in date. They then boxed the in-date food up and placed it all on a pallet.

At the end of the day, the team were provided with some statistics on what they had achieved for the day:

  • Their efforts supported 17 charities across Victoria
  • The orders combined to a total of 6,416 kg of food, which is the equivalent to 11,561 meals
  • Those 11,561 meals could feed a household of 4, 3 meals a day for 963 days

It was a great experience and very rewarding knowing they were contributing to such a great cause.

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