Once again, DP held its internationally-renowned Trivia Night in May, with DP royalty jetting in especially for the high-calibre event to vie for the $50 VISA cards on offer (hope the night was well worth the 24hour trip!).

A fair few of the usual trivia-suspects put in an appearance, despite occasional RSVP’s ‘seemingly’ going astray prior to the event.

As opposed to previous years, there was not the usual spike in internet usage at the pub’s Wi-Fi provider and the usual rush for the toilets on the harder questions to make urgent phone calls never really eventuated. The odd attempt at skulduggery was thwarted by eagle-eyed observers, however, particularly when the question of “what ingredient the French liqueur Chambord was made from?”, prompting one desperate quizee to sidle quietly up to the bar to get the low-down from the assumed knowledge of the bar staff.

A close battle ensued throughout the night, with the winners only taking the lead during the final round, thanks largely to the efforts of an employee in his second day on the job!

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