You are in your career for you. We get that.

At Data Processors, you’ll be challenged with complex issues to solve and be given the freedom within your self-directed teams to make recommendations on how to solve them. You’ll get to own your projects and your results will be consequential, appreciated and rewarded. You’ll get to see your efforts contribute to the rest of your team and the company. You’ll have open-door access to your team leaders and fast, honest and fair feedback from your team.

The opportunities for learning and development are unsurpassed at Data Processors. You’ll work alongside and be mentored by some of the best, brightest and passionate people in their fields. We aim to offer an open environment where mistakes are opportunities for learning, not buck-passing. Furthermore, if you find you need to update or develop your knowledge and skills for the role you’re in, we may even pay for the course.

Whatever your role at Data Processors is, you’ll have the trust, support and encouragement of your team and the company. We’ve been here since 1999 and thanks to the honest efforts of our loyal employees, we’re growing stronger every year.

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We have some pretty inspiring people in our company, including award winning developers and researchers, and we look for similar qualities in our applicants.

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