We’ve created a guide to clarify our recruitment process. You’ll find out who we’re on the lookout for, our interview process, how we select our new candidates and the way in which they begin with us.

Who We Look For

Data Processors are on the lookout for eager, talented and passionate people in a range of roles.

How We Interview

Let’s face it, nobody likes to wait weeks to hear back after sending in an application. At Data Processors, if you are successful at securing a first interview we’ll get back to you within 72 hours on receipt of...

How We Select

We use a range of assessment tools to fit the right person into the role we’re offering. Our HR team takes the responsibility of the early stages of the interview process. To progress further, you’ve made a good...

How You Begin

On your first day we’ll do our best to introduce and assist you in your transition into the company. Your manager will welcome you to members of your new team. A morning tea or lunch will be organised so you can get to...


We advertise all our roles externally on Seek. To see what we have currently available, click here. On Stack Overflow? Check out our profile here.

Apply Now

You could be the person we’re looking for! If there are no positions available at present on our opportunities page, or none of the positions listed match your expertise, please feel free to send in your resume and a...

Join Us

We have some pretty inspiring people in our company, including award winning developers and researchers, and we look for similar qualities in our applicants.

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