On your first day we’ll do our best to introduce and assist you in your transition into the company. Your manager will welcome you to members of your new team. A morning tea or lunch will be organised so you can get to know your team members better, and a little more informally. Throughout the day, your manager will spend time with you to guide you and answer your questions.

After a week, we’ll check back with you, answer any questions you have and offer you an opportunity to provide feedback on your induction. We’re always looking for ways to improve our induction process to make it more relevant, more engaging and above all, more helpful!

Throughout your probation,  your manager will liaise with you regularly to give support, guidance and feedback. We aim to use this time to assess your development in an open and accountable way.

We offer every opportunity for you to demonstrate the best of you at Data Processors.

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We have some pretty inspiring people in our company, including award winning developers and researchers, and we look for similar qualities in our applicants.

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